How Vinyl Lettering Works

Vinyl Lettering & Vinyl Decals…

Are the newest, easiest, and most affordable way to add a touch of class, elegance, sweetness, or whatever look you are going for, to your home. A word is worth a thousand pictures!

Can be applied to almost any smooth surfaces including wood, metal, glass, tile, plastic, painted walls with or without texture, and more.

Come pre-spaced and ready to apply. You do not need to apply each letter separately. The guess work and measuring is already done for you.

Come with a transfer tape applied to them. The tape allows you to easily transfer your image to your desired surface in minutes. Easy step by step application instructions as well as an application stick is included with every order.

Are made of a very thin sheet of vinyl which looks just like paint when adhered. They will not crack, fade or peel. They can last up to five years outdoors and indefinitely indoors. They can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Can easily be removed and will not hurt the surface of your walls. Even renters apply them in their apartments and easily take them down when they move. When ready to remove them, simply pull at the corner of the letters with tweezers and if necessary use the low heat of a blow dryer to detach them. However, they cannot be reused after detached.

*Create endless possibilities! They are great for your home or office, holiday decor, personalization, car decals, organization, a great gift for someone who has everything, and more!

Disclaimer: Vinyl Lettering is highly addictive! We cannot be held responsible for the likely addiction you will receive from viewing and ordering from our website!